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CostCo Ice Cream Bar

21 Dec

CostCo Ice Cream Bar

CostCo is giving us members a heart attack with this 870 calorie ice cream bar. But it’s oh so good!  After gorging myself with free samples of spinach ravioli and mango salsa, I decided to top it off with an ice cream bar.  My goal was to get a quick 1000 calories  before supper and this ice cream bar was going to put me over the top.  I bet Kristy Alley was downing these babies before she joined weight watchers.

So I thought these bad boys were pre-made, package by a convent of CostCo hippies in Seattle but I was wrong.  I ordered the bar and the snack bar lady goes back and hand dips the ice cream to order and smothers it with about 3 bucks worth of nuts.  I was scrapping nuts and chocolate off the plate.

Right now this is my number one dessert for the money.  It’s a buck fifty!  Straight deal of the day!!

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