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Mini-Vacation Mobile, AL

8 Feb

One thing I enjoy is mini-vacations. Just take a quick trip and recharge the batteries. Two days max is about my standard for a good vacation. We left Sat. at 8am and made it back home Sun. at 2pm. Get in the car and go!!

This past weekend my wife and I headed south to Mobile for Mardi Gras. Mobile is about 2.5 hours south of my house, so it’s perfect for a weekend trip. We left Saturday morning and came home Sunday. Extensive research went into where we would eat. Here’s a quick overview of our trip. Check back later for more detailed reviews on these hot spots.

I need to give props to my favorite hotel. The Wingate by Wyndham is tops for value, cleanliness, and breakfast. We have stayed at a Wingate at least five times and we have always been impressed. Everyone we stayed at has been fairly new. Our total bill was $65 with tax. I get a discount with my Cattlemen’s membership. That’s with a full continental breakfast, not just Little Debbie cakes and coffee.

Give them a chance on your next mini-vacation. http://www.wingatehotels.com/

My good friend Wes went to school in Mobile so I gave him a call. He recommended Ed’s Shed for the best fried seafood in Mobile. You can’t go to the coast without getting your seafood fix!!


On the way back to the hotel we drove threw some old Mobile neighborhoods. Most of the homes in these neighborhoods were built in the early 20th century. Good thing we took the scenic tour because we found this great ice cream shoppe.Then back to the hotel for a nap!


We meet up with some friends and caught a cab and headed downtown. Mobile has Mardi Gras parades from January 12 until February 12th(FAT TUESDAY). We saw two parades back to back, Butterfly Maidens and Krewe of Marry Mates. Mobile has police everywhere, police cars, police on motorcycle, police on horses, police on Segways. The streets were clean and the parade was family friendly.


Our next stop was Wintzell’s Oyster House. Wintzell’s is a historic eatery in Mobile, been there since 1938. They have started to franchisee in the past several years and they have a couple spots throughout Alabama.


We hit a couple night spots before catching a cab back to the hotel. Cabbies are always cool to talk too. Our driver had been driving for the same cab company in Mobile for 18 years.

Now the Wingate has a great continental breakfast, you just have to get up early enough to make it. What I really wanted to do was hit Bates House of Turkey in Greenville. Bates actually raises their own turkeys!


This was a great trip and it was a budget trip. The hotel was $65 and the most expensive ticket was at Ed’s Shed $28 bucks with an appetizer!

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