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Ed’s Shed – Mobile, AL

15 Feb

One thing I enjoy is mini-vacations. Just take a quick trip and recharge the batteries. Two days max is about my standard for a good vacation. No need to plan, get in the car and go!!

This past weekend my wife and I headed south to Mobile for Mardi Gras. Mobile is about 2.5 hours south of my house, so it’s perfect for a weekend trip. We left Saturday morning and came home Sunday. Extensive research went into where we would eat. My good friend Wes Cash went to school in Mobile so I gave him a call. He recommended Ed’s Shed for the best fried seafood in Mobile. You can’t go to the coast without getting your seafood fix!!

We woke early on Sat., headed south and made it to Ed’s Shed in time for lunch.

The article I read while in the resturant said that Ed had learned to fry seafood from his mother. His mother was famous around the Mobile area for her fried seafood. Well after a successful business career, Ed fulfilled a life long dream of opening up a restaurant. He opened Ed’s Shed on the Causeway in Mobile, Al. Today he is sipping Mai Tai’s in Hawaii!! Well he may still be working his butt off, I did not see Ed on my trip. Either way he build on successful restaurant on great food and good service.

At Ed’s you can sit inside or out back on the deck.

Inside was nice and warm, but we decided to sit outside. You can’t beat the view!!

Remember we are up in the bay of the Gulf of Mexico. Don’t expect white beaches. Our waiter promptly came and brought us some complementary cole-slaw and took our drink order. My rule on drinks, get water or get booze. We ordered water.

Now I love cole-slaw, I like the mayo and vinegar based versions. This was a mayo version that was outstanding. Really great cole-slaw. We finished it off before we left. After scanning the menu my wife wanted to order the crab bisque. We ordered the crab bisque on a hunch, just that gut feeling. It tuned out to be the best dish of the weekend. Super creamy with tons of crab flavor! So far this is my favorite dish in Mobile.

With it being lunch, you can get a good deal at a discounted rate. Gotta love a deal. I went with the fried combo of oysters and shrimp. My wife chose the fish tacos. You had the option to get your oysters soft fried or hard fried. I went soft because who wants their oysters overcooked? I chose hush-puppies and rice for my sides. You could chose fries but generally I hate fries. There is nothing more bland than fries. Nothing more greasy, salty, kick over dead than potato fries. Check out this combo meal!!

The great thing about this meal was the shrimp was not overly battered. You could actually see the shrimp. Ed’s knows how to fry shrimp! Here is a little food porn for you.

My wife chose the fish tacos. Why I do not know. I was doubting the fish tacos would be very good. Fish tacos were not a house specialty, no way Ed’s opened his doors with fish tacos on the menu. However, you can put mud in a taco and it’s good! According to my wife, the fish tacos were a hit! They could upgrade the Pace salsa but other than that, tacos were spot on. Beans were good too, and then did not give my wife the walkin farts.

Overall I give Ed’s Shed an A. The food was great and the service was equally as good. My waiter even helped me with my Mardi Gras plans. A waitress/waiter’s job is more than just bringing you food and refilling drinks. Here is the kicker, total bill was $28 bucks. Bam!! That’s a deal! You can eat at the best restaurants on the cheap if you just go at lunch. Ed’s Shed is on my list of Mobile hotspots!!


Just 3 Miles Past the Battleship on the right
3382 Battleship Parkway
Spanish Fort, Alabama 36527

(251) 625-1947

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