My Dope Deer Roast

18 Dec

Deer roast is a family favorite, it’s especially a favorite of my oldest Nathan who is home for the holidays.  Isn’t it weird how the child comes home from college and changes the whole vibe of the house?  You get in your routine and they want to know, “what’s for dinner”.  They complain about everything under the sun.  When does the spring semester start!!!  Here is my take on deer roast.  I need to clear one thing up, maybe there is such thing as “Venison” but I have never seen it.  Why does deer have a different name when we refer to the meat?  It’s a deer and the meat is called deer meat.  That a whole new topic I need to speak on some other time.

Deer Roast

1 – 3lb deer roast

1 – can beef consommune

1 – package onion soup mix

2 – cubes beef bouillon cubes

2 – onions

bunch of carrots


1/2 cup flour

1T – Oil (does not matter what kind)

Look at this sweet deer roast.  This one is from a young doe I harvested in November.  I process all my own deer meat so I know it’s done right.


To build a good gravy you need to brown the roast.  Powder the roast with flour and sear roast in pan at med-high heat.


Add roast to crock pot and add the following: Onion Soup Mix Packet, Beef Consommoe, Beef Bouillon, Medium Onions, Medium Potatoes, Carrots


Here I added the carrots and filed the pot with water, just enough to cover. I am using baby carrots because my wife bought enough baby carrots from CostCo to start a rabbit kennel, so I used them. The regular carrots are better.


Set the Crock Pot to low and “forget about it”. A good 8hr cook is what I like. Put it on around 10pm and refrigerate before you go to work he next morning.  It’s better if it sits all day, make a rich broth.  Serve with buttered dinner rolls to soak up the broth.



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