More Better Eggs

4 Mar

Living off the land was always my dream. I wanted to move to Colorado and live off the land. Hunt, fish, and gather. My ideal vacation would be a backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail or in Colorado stalking bull Elk. Now I am not going to pass up a weekend at The Palms in Vegas or hanging with Sammy in Cabo.  Those vacations are just not high on my list.

What does this have to do with eggs? Eggs are a simple food you can produce right in your backyard. They are inexpensive and relativity low maintenance. Eggs can be your first step to living off the land. Go all natural go organic!!

My chicken coup is perfect for my family and I should have enough extra eggs to give away. Maybe I can barter eggs for some cane syrup or a bunch of collards. That would be cool!


Four chickens can have a party in this coup. I like my chickens to be able to move around a little, stretch their wings. The back side has a large swing door I use to gather my eggs.  A little hay is all it takes to make a nice laying bin.


My four chicks produce four eggs every day, well most days.  If a dozen eggs cost $2.50 at the store, then my four eggs pay me .84 cents a day.   Bam! Take that Jay-Z.  Who’s the biggest baller now!!

This is my main chick, Queen Latifah.  All my chicks are named after 80’s female rappers.  I have one pair I call Salt N Pepper.


The best part is eating these delicious home grown eggs.   They look good too!


We eat eggs on a regular basis, at least four days a week.  I generally cook eggs and a meat for breakfast.  Most of the time I cook a lean deer sausage with my eggs.  It’s healthy and fun to know I produced the eggs and make my own deer sausage.   The first thing you notice about fresh eggs is they have more yolk and less whites.  Store bought eggs have more whites and less yolk.  Or maybe the whites just seam more runny, almost water like.


Do a little scramble action and add eggs to a pan on low-medium heat with a little PAM.  Still trying to keep it healthy.  Butter tastes better.


Here is the low down on how to make really good scrambled eggs.  Before you scramble add pepper, a little salt, and dry minced onion.  I really like the added flavor of the dry minced onion.  Don’t over heat the pan!!  You don’t want the eggs to sound like you put a hot pan under cold water.  If you like dry over cooked eggs, go outside and punch yourself in the face!!

My Big Mama made the best eggs.  Actually she made the best breakfast.  She scrambled her eggs in the pan, best I can recall.  Her eggs were not all yellow but a mix of yellow and white.  She also moved her eggs from a the pan to a bowl to prevent over cooking.  Most of us just leave our eggs in the pan so they eventually over cook.

My favorite eggs are over easy.  But they are harder to make and I am not a good over easy  egg cook.  My wife’s dad makes a good over easy but the best over easy egg cook is Lee Level from Eutaw, AL.  He has mad over easy skills.


I just realized this pic sucks.  You know what goes good with eggs?  Some left over ham.  This ham is a Knight family recipe.  My mother makes a great ham.  This is her recipe.  It will get it’s own blog post one day.


So here is just a simple easy morning breakfast.  It may take me only 15 minutes to produce this master piece.  Who wants to send their kids off to school with a stomach full of Little Debbie cakes and Pop-Tarts.  That’s what’s wrong with kids today, they don’t get a good healthy start.


So make the jump and start your own mini-eggs farm!

2 Responses to “More Better Eggs”

  1. banjosandbordeaux March 4, 2013 at 7:47 pm #

    This is such a wonderful idea for those of us with a little bit of land! Nothing tastes better than a fresh – a REALLY fresh – egg!

  2. Looking Out The Window March 8, 2013 at 3:58 am #

    There is nothing like eggs from your own hens.

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